Volume 12, (Special Issue 1) 2018

Editors’ Note
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The Influence of Gender and Personality on ‘Holier-Than-Thou’ Perception Bias among Minangkabau Accountants
Sany Dwita*, Herlina Helmy and Charoline Chreisviyanny
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Budget Surplus Determinants in Indonesian Regional Government Budgets from a Budgetary Slack Behaviour Point of View
Miftah Ariffianjto and Desi Adhariani*
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The Effects of Undervaluation and Cash Holdings on the Likelihood of a Share Repurchase Decision
Adrianus Hunggara* and Sidharta Utama
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The Effects of Boards of Directors, Nomination Committees and Audit Committees on the Performance of Malaysian Listed Companies
Nasrin Azar*, Hamed Sayyar, Zarina Zakaria and Noor Adwa Sulaiman
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CEO Gender, Financial Performance and Firm Risk Level: Evidence from Indonesia
Alyssa Noviera Dwiharti and Desi Adhariani*
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The Effect of Pay Schemes and Long-Term Orientation on Managers’ CSR Overinvestment Ethical Judgments
Poppy Dian Indira Kusuma, Mahfud Sholihin and Putri Paramita Agritansia*
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The Relationship Between Psychological Capital and the Escalation of Commitment in Capital Project Continuation Decisions: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia
Niluh Putu Dian Rosalina Handayani Narsa* and I. Made Narsa
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Business Cycles and Earnings Persistence: Evidence from the ASEAN-5 Countries
Zumratul Meini, Sugiharso Safuan*, Setio Anggoro Dewo and Vera Diyanti
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The Effect of Capital Structure, Family Ownership and Board of Commissioners and Audit Committee Effectiveness on the Efficiency of Manufacturing Companies
Galih Seta Perdhana and Ancella Anitawati Hermawan*
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Impact of Review/Audit of Interim Financial Statements on Information Content with Audit Quality as the Moderating Variable
Gina Rusdina and Fitriany*
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The Effect of Cross-Border Acquisition and Tax Avoidance on Post-Acquisition Firm Value
Anggreani Widiawati and Ratna Wardhani*
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Corporate Governance Attributes as Determinants of the Islamic Social Reporting of Shariah-compliant Companies in Malaysia
Khairi Faiz Mazri, Rina Fadhilah Ismail*, Roshayani Arsyad and Siti Aisyah Kamaruzaman
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Does Local Government Capacity Hamper Improvement of Basic Education? An Analysis at the District Level in Indonesia
Jasmina, T.* and Oda, H.
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Does Poverty Have any Effect on Child Neglected in Indonesia?
Deny Armelia and Chotib*
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Indonesia’s Short Term Capital Inflows during 2005 – 2015: A Blessing or a Curse?
Mohammad Alvin Prabowosunu* and Kiki Verico
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Does Community-Based Development Program Boost Access of Rural Households to Utilities and Services? Evidence from A Controlled Randomized Trial in Afghanistan
Kakar A.B. *
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The Development of Creative Industries in Indonesia: Applying the Soft Condition Theory to Measure Creative Cities
Aulia, Abrar and Susanti Hera*
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Anti Dumping Policy and Heterogeneity Responses on the Productivity of Domestic Import-Competing Firms: Evidence from Indonesia
Ditanika Karisma Nur Tristita* and Maddaremmeng A. Panennungi
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The Impacts of Population Distribution and Economic Activities towards Land Value in the Capital of Jakarta
Mayrina Damayanti* and Paksi Cattra Kamang Walandouw
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Liberalization and Market Selection: Empirical Evidence from Import Tariff Decrease in Indonesian Manufacturing Sector
Armanita K. and Arie Damayanti*
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Exchange Rate and Employment in Indonesian Manufacturing Firms
Lucius P. A. Nugroho and Vid. Adrison*
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Foreign Import Tariffs and a Firm’s Export Product Scope: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia
Nona Widharosa and Vid. Adrison*
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