CURRENT ISSUE (Volume 5 No. 2 December 2011)

Are There Prospects for Future Economic Integration Among Muslim Countries? Evidence from Selected OIC Countries
Ruzita Mohd. Amin, Zarinah Hamid and Norma Md. Saad
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The Halloween Puzzle in Selected Asian Stock Markets
Hooi Hooi Lean
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Review of Emotional Intelligence and Market Orientation in the Industrial Estates Companies in the Kerman City (Iran): Appraisal and Testing of Model by Amos Graphics
Hasan Safarnia, Zahra Akbari and Abbas Abbasi
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Equitable Distribution of Low-Cost Houses in Malaysia: Constraints and Challenges
Azlinor Sufian and Ahmad Ibrahim
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Quality of Work Life Among Male and Female Employees of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh
Ayesha Tabassum, Tasnuva Rahman and Kursia Jahan
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Lifestyle A Tool for Understanding Buyer Behavior
Jayasree Krishnan
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Managing Corporate Reputation, Stakeholder Relations, and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Southeast Asian Perspective
Zulhamri Abdullah and Yuhanis Abdul Aziz
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IPO Pricing in Malaysia: An analysis of REITs and non-REITs
Nurwati Ashikkin Ahmad-Zaluki and Shamharir Abidin
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Revisiting the Test of Purchasing Power Parity and Structural Breaks of East Asian Countries
Mohamed Hisham Yahya, A. N. Bany-Ariffin and Abdul Razak Abdul Hadi
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The Influence of Social Capital on Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition Behaviour
David Jawahar, P. and Nigama, K.
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